Literature review—–4pages | Social Science homework help

Project Assignment Components
Literature Review: This paper should be 3-4 pages long, although it may be longer, and should contain all of the elements discussed in the research proposal more fully developed, and also incorporating any relevant literature connected to the theoretical position or research method. The object of this paper is to find articles and books from respected sources that help to support the hypothesis. Another way to think about the literature review is as a process in which searches are conducted in databases for articles and books that contain support for the hypothesis, and can be used in constructing an explanation for the expectation presented in the hypothesis. Students should restrict themselves to scholarly sources for the literature review. During this part of the research project, students should also begin to develop a list of keywords they will use for gathering further data for the final submission. All students should read “Conducting Literature Reviews” in the required content for Class Session 7. Students conducting inductive research may also want to read “The Place of the Literature Review in Grounded Research” in the supplemental content for Class Session 7. This portion of the term paper research project is pass/fail; all students submitting the literature review component of the term paper research project will receive the 15 points. General guidelines and comments from the instructor will be returned for each literature review indicating how to proceed with the research.
Refer to the Term Paper Rubric located in the Rubrics folder in the Resources tab for further information on grading requirements.
Component Submission: Each of the first two components will be submitted through a journal in the Journals tool in the Communications

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