Love Canal Tragedy

Brief explanation of the case, Responses that actually took place: include here social repercussions, law enforcement responses; justice responses (civil, criminal, restorative, etcetera); policy responses (Executive and/or Legislative branches from local, state and/or federal level). Are there human conducts present in the case that constitute “a crime”?: perhaps the most challenging part of the paper. To answer this, you have to choose one (01) of two (02) paths à A- Purely legal path: since Amendment VI and General Theory of Crime both mandate that all criminal prosecutions have to be “previously ascertained by law”, you can identify the criminal law(s) (not civil or administrative) of the jurisdiction you chose to answer to this part; or B- Alternative path: if access to or understanding of the criminal law of the time and place of the problem is too difficult. your own ways of addressing the problem: One (01) general policy: specify one (01) general policy. It can be from an Executive Legislative branch; and from a local, state or federal level. The policy’s goal can be either to prevent similar problems from happening, or to provide a clear administrative solution if they appear. This is the only of the three ideas in which you have to think “in general” (for similar cases) and not “in particular” (for this one case).
One (01) punishment decision for this case: specify one (01) typical criminal justice court’s response you would provide for those whose criminal conduct (if any) caused the specific problem you treated. Be specific as to who would obtain which punishment, and why.
One (01) alternative justice decision for this case: specify one (01) non-typical court’s response (i.e. not a punishment) you would provide in relation to those whose conduct (criminal or not) caused the specific problem you treated. Be specific as to which conduct you would be reacting to, and why you are choosing such response.
Times New Roman; size 12; 1.5 paragraph spacing; standard margins; text body aligned to the left.
BECK – The Love Canal Tragedy

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