m6d2: rankian analysis of harry potter

In this discussion, you will examine and discuss the classification process of finding the archetype of the hero in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone using the elements of Rankian analysis found in your textbook. You will examine the ideas and values presented in Harry Potter and what these elements reveal about our modern society.
After you complete the reading and view the film, please answer the  following question about whether Potter fulfills (or does not fulfill)  the 10 elements of the hero as presented by Otto Rank. Within your  examination, discuss:
Whether or not you think Harry Potter fits all 10 of Rank’s  categories for a hero. The text says Harry fulfills 8 of the 10. Do you  agree or disagree? Why?
How Harry Potter fits the archetype of the hero.
What values are revealed about Harry Potter as he develops through the course of the film?
Why you think so many people became fans of Harry Potter, the boy  who lived, and cheered for him to defeat Voldemort? What draws us to  this story? How do we identify with it?
Musy be 250 words with APA citation

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