3 pages (825 words)
Double spaced
Type of paper:
Project Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)
Sources to be cited:
Paper format:
Paper instructions:
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student example – Project 4
For this job, I need you to create a FICTITIOUS Magazine Spread, including the Magazine Front Cover and a 2-page (facing pages) Inside Spread (the two pages in the center of the magazine), using a recent version of InDesign (CS5 or later) or “approved” alternate electronic publishing software (contact me if you are not sure) WITHOUT the use of any templates. You must submit the completed project file to your Assignments Folder in our CMST 310 LEO Classroom, following the directions included below:
1. Designing Magazines: Step 1 (Design Like a Pro – YouTube)
2. Designing a Feature [Magazine] Article (Design Like a Pro – YouTube)
These videos are just guides. Your setup will vary in some ways based on the requirements of this assignment.
Submission Requirements
Please submit the following:
1. Submit a PDF (Portable Document Format) version of your flyer to your Assignments Folder.
2. Submit the original file of your completed work (.INDD document if using InDesign).
3. Submit ALL images, graphics, photos, clipart, or text files used in creating your work.
InDesign’s Package feature places all the resources, including photos, images, clipart, and fonts, used in a document into one centralized folder. It also creates a PDF version of the document, which you need to submit to your Assignments Folder.
4. Project Reflection
Post an answer the following questions when you submit your assignments files.
a. Who is the audience of your magazine?
b. Why is your design appropriate (colors, fonts, style)?
c. What issues or challenges did you face creating this project?
d. What software programs did you use to create your redesign?
You can submit your reflection as a Microsoft Word document or just copy and paste your answers in your Assignments folder’s text box when you submit your assignment along with the rest of the required project files.
NOTE 1: Assignments created in MS Word, MS Publisher, or MS Works (or similar word processing software applications) will not be graded or accepted.
NOTE 2: You can not use a template or other pre-formatted design to complete your project, in whole, or in part. You must create your design from “scratch”, starting from a empty page.
Your project must include all of the required elements listed below:

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