Management assignment*****already a rated tutorial*****use as guide

·         Identify 5 counterproductive steps in problem solving that you may have observed in any workplace in which you have been employed. Bearing these counterproductive steps in mind, provide several characteristics of effective problem-solving efforts that might address each of the above steps.
·         Using Kolb’s problem-solving model, select one of the 4 stages (situation, problem, solution and implementation) with each of the elements relevant for that stage in Kolb’s model and provide an example that illuminates the stage. This example can be hypothetical, relevant to your current job, or relevant to some other job that you might have had. In providing your examples, please do not use any of the examples from the text.
·         Read the Cardiotronics case on pages 286 and 287 in your text and answer the following: How will you conduct this meeting? Be sure to provide behavioral examples from the case that reflect each of the following states of the problem-solving model – Priority Setting, Information Gathering, Problem Definition, Idea Getting, Decision making.
·         For the short scenario provided below, identify what you believe to be the cultural difference that was the basis for the problem and what you as the superior would have done to address the problem.
·         A large Baltimore manufacturer of cabinet hardware had been working for months to locate a suitable distributor for its products in Europe. Finally invited to present a demonstration to a reputable distributing company in Frankfurt, it sent one of its most promising young executives, Fred Wagner, to make the presentation. Fred not only spoke fluent German but also felt a special interest in this assignment because his paternal grandparents had immigrated to the United States from the Frankfurt area during the 1920’s. When Fred arrived at the conference room where he would be making his presentation he shook hands firmly, greeted everyone with a friendly Guten Tag, and even remembered to bow the head slightly as is the German custom. Fred, a very effective speaker and past president of the Baltimore Toastmasters Club, prefaced his presentation with a few humorous anecdotes to set a relaxed and receptive atmosphere. However, he felt that his presentation was not very well received by the company executives. In fact, his instincts were correct, for the German company chose not to distribute Fred’s hardware products.
·         Provide a response to questions D1. and D2. in the Class Preparation section of your text on page 315. In answering D1 be sure to explain your response fully. In answering D2, be sure to utilize the model presented in Exhibit 12-1 on page 322 of your text to show how each of the aspects were/were not responsible for your high level of creativity
·         As a manager (future manager if not currently one) in your current industry (or an industry that you aspire to enter in the future) explain how you can PRACTICALLY utilize the suggestions by Osland et al. to foster a creative environment. Remember this requires that you address what these steps would look like in the specific industry related to you.
·         Review the article attached (Chapter 12_00-12) by Robert Sutton. CRITICALLY assess the relevance of his perspective on Innovation. What of his perspective are you in agreement/disagreement with and why?
·         Using the file attached named Puzzles, complete the instructions and be sure to include your responses in the assignment document that you will upload.
Assignment Guidelines (for both):
* Your response MUST in general display the level of depth commensurate with that of a master’s level student,
* More specifically, your response MUST be consistent with the criteria for an excellent post outlined in the assignment guidelines.
* Minimum Word Count:
    * A total length of 1000 words or more / a minimum length of 500 or more words per assignment.
* Understanding and Accurate Application of Core Concepts:
    * Assignment response content reflects full understanding of core concepts and applies core concepts accurately.
* Depth of Analysis:
    * Assignment response displays significant depth of analysis, provides significant insight not otherwise offered and relates to assigned topic.
* Providing Substantive Evidence with Reasoned Implications and Conclusions:
    * Assignment response mostly incorporates specific content and examples from course material to competently substantiate independent points and ideas.
    * Reasoned implications and conclusions are also clearly and accurately identified.
* Incorporating External Sources:
    * Assignment response accurately incorporates three or more external sources which were researched independently related to the module topic.
    * Uses APA format and style for references and citations of external sources.
* Language, Spelling, and Grammar:
    * Assignment response language is clear, concise and easy to understand.
    * Content has few to no grammatical or spelling errors.
Textbook: Osland, J.S., Kolb, D.A., Rubin, I.M.,

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