Management of an Apparently Benign Ovarian cyst

Management of an Apparently Benign Ovarian cyst
Management of an Apparently Benign Ovarian cyst
1. Which of the following ultrasound charac·
testicles are awarded one point e.adt during
calculation of the risk of malignancy
A. A strong blood flow.
B. Ascites.
C. Bilateral tumours.
D. Multilocular cysts.
E. Solid areas.
2. Ultrasound features of a benign ovarian
tumour include:
A. Absence of blood flow.
B. Presence of four papillary struch.tres.
C. Presence of a solid con1ponent larger
than 7 mn1.
D. Presence of acoustic shadowing.
E. Smooth n1ultilocular tumour with the
largest dian1eter less than U)O n1m.
Management of an Apparently Benign Ovarian cyst
3. Ultrasound fe.. times of malignant ovarian
tumour include:
A. A smooth cystic tun1our larger than
] 0 on in diameter.
B. Ascites.
C. Irregular, multilocular, solid tun1our
with the largest djameter greater than
100 n1n1.
D . Presence of at least 1 papillary
E. Very strong blood flow.
(Ref for questions 8-12: Green- top Guideline No.
62, RCOG/BSGE Joint Guideline, Ncroember 2(111,
P”ge 6/.
4. Management of an apparently benign
ovarian cyst in a postmenopausal woman
A. Follow-up in fou r n1onths if the cyst
is smaller than 5 cn1 and the CA 125
is 10 TU/l.
B. Laparoscop ic aspiration if the cyst is
smaller than 5 cn1 an d the CA 125
Ls 6 TU/I.
C. Laparoscopic cystectomy if the cyst
6 011 and the CA 125 is 20 TU / l.
D. Laparoscopic salpingo-oophorecton1y
if the cyst L~ 7 on and the CA 125 is
less than 30 lU /l.
E. Total abdominal hysterectomy,
bilateral salpin go-oophorecton1y
and on1en tectomy if the CA 125 is
200 lU/1.
• SBA Questions in G_1f11tiecol’l’,;,Y, pClge 62.
• The Ma11agro11’11/ ofOmrimr Cysts in Postmeiwptmsal
Women, Green-tap Guideline No . .34-, July 2016;
page 4-7.
Management of an Apparently Benign Ovarian cyst
5. ln carcinoma of the ovary:
A. Abnormal uterine bleeding is a presen ting symp tom.
B. Adjuvant radiotherapy is given fron1
stage IC onwards.
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