Mapping project proposal

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Assignment Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)
Mapping project proposal
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This assignment is just to make a mapping project proposal/draft.
I have attached a video to show you how to make a mapping project proposal and an example of another student mapping project proposal.
here is the instruction video(we transfer):
step1: please go to this website
step 2: In the video, the professor will ask you to pick the variable first and then create an account, but I already create my account so just log in.
Log in information
Username: [email protected]
password: Phamluan1234
step 3: pick a geographic level: county
years: your choice
Topics: your choice then pick a variable
step 4: download the data set and analyze (please use the video and the example for more information.
step 5: please use the same format as the example of mapping project
this is the goal of the Mapping project explanation: In this project the student chooses some economic variable that varies across locations in the US and is available publicly, e.g., average income by county. They then use statistical software (R, Python, Stata) to plot this variable on a map of the US. In addition they
write up to 400 words on a topic inspired by this map. For example, if you show average income you could write about income inequality across space and some of the reasons for income inequality across space that
we have learnt about or policy attempts to alleviate it.
Comments from Customer
Discipline: Economic 129 Cities, Inequality, and Innovation

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