Mberiah – wester civ – wk4 discussion

Initial post due Friday, 31 October by 1900 EST.  
Student Responses due Sunday, 2 November by 1900 EST
Western Civilization – Discussion Forum – Week 4
Please choose ONE of the following questions to answer for the Discussion Forum this week.  After you post your own answer, you will need to respond to three of your fellow classmates.
1. Given what you have read in our textbook, do you believe that the Roman Empire declined and fell?  Or that society, politics and life in general simply evolved-for the good or bad – after Odoacer overthrew Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus in 476?  Use specific details and examples from the book to support your opinion.
2.  On Christmas Day, 800 CE, Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, a title that seems to imply a great deal.  In what ways was Charlemagne himself “holy” or “Roman?”  Does he fit either description?  Why or why not?
3.  Some historians have called the Crusades “successful failures.”  Using what you learned from the textbook readings this week, explain how these historians could justify such an opinion.  Do you agree with them?  Why or why not?
Student Response

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