Measures of center and variability assignment

Measures of center and variability assignment
Use the Dataset associated with this assignment in Moodle
Directions: Respond to the prompts below. Follow the ‘Do Not’ and ‘Do’ instructions.
· Upload your Excel workbook to Moodle
· Copy and paste the dataset values into this document
· Upload your work as a Word document in Moodle
· Report data values in your submission (residuals etc …)
· Paste or type your responses directly into this document
· Save your completed work as a PDF file
· Upload your only your PDF file to Moodle
· Format ALL tables and charts using APA formatting
· Use APA in-text referencing when writing interpretations and referencing tables and charts
1) Using the Descriptive Statistics feature , of JASP, generate ONE numerical summary table for all interval level or above variables in the dataset. Copy and paste the ONE table into this document. Ensure that the table is APA formatted correctly.
2) Using complete sentences, write a STATISTICAL rationale justifying whether the mean or the median is likely the most representative measure of center. PICK ONLY ONE OF THEM. Base your reasoning on the numerical summaries generated in JASP in

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