Medications That Affect the Urinary System

Medications That Affect the Urinary System
Medications That Affect the Urinary System
A patient reports signs and symptoms associated
with urge incontinence. Which action should the
nurse teach the patient to employ to gain better
bladder control?
1. Avoid lifting heavy objects.
2. Avoid products with caffeine.
3. Use the Credé maneuver when voiding.
4. Respond immediately to the sensation to void.
A home-care nurse is caring for a cognitively intact
woman who has arthritis that affects her hands and
slows her mobility. The patient tells the nurse about
having a few episodes of urinary incontinence that
were upsetting. The nurse identifies that the patient
is experiencing functional incontinence. Which
nursing interventions in the plan of care are specific
to limiting episodes of incontinence in this patient?
Select all that apply.
Medications That Affect the Urinary System
1,_________ Encourage wearing clothing
with Velcro closures instead of
buttons and zippers.
2,_____ Suggest purchasing a lift chair if economics permit.
3, __________ Encourage avoiding products
with caffeine.
4,___________ Teach to position a commode
5, ________ Teach the patient Kegel exercises.
6,___________ Suggest voiding every 2 hours.
A nurse is caring for a female patient who has a history of frequent urinary tract infections. What
should the nurse teach the patient to do?
1. Wear nylon underwear.
2. Void before having intercourse.
3. Take a bubble bath rather than showering.
4, Urinate when the urge to urinate is perceived.
14. A patient has a urinary retention catheter in place.
The nurse must obtain a sterile urine specimen for
culture and sensitivity. Where should the nurse place
the clamp to allow urine to collect in the tubing so
that the nurse can collect a specimen?
i es A
oe ail a
15. A nurse is caring for a group of patients. Which
patient should cause the most concern about
potential urinary retention?
1. The patient who is immobile in bed
2. The patient who just had a retention catheter
3. The patient who is disoriented to time, place,
and person
4, The patient who just was placed on a fluid
restricted diet
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