MKTG 231 Marketing Plan for Autonomous

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MKTG 231 Marketing Plan for Autonomous
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Autonomous Vehicles.
The Market. This section provides an overview the market, the environment, the product, the competition, distribution, and all items above. We are only to solve the competitive review part.
Business Climate – Environmental forces including government regulations or legislation, economic forces, social, cultural, and technological forces
Customers/Target Market –who they are, what they need, segments
Product Review – Outline and/or discuss the product
Competitive Review – who are your key competitors, what are they doing (Opportunities, Threats)
Company analysis/SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
Collaborators – suppliers, distributors, retailers, or other
Competitive Review Instructions
List the three major competitors you will face when trying to market this product, and briefly state each one’s general market position and strategies. Do this in list form (1.2.3.) with “Position” and “Strategies” clearly labeled for each company. Remember that even if you have what seems to be a “new” product that never existed before, there will always be competition; you just need to figure out what it is. The Internet can be an excellent place to find descriptions of other companies’ market positions and strategies. You also can find these out by observing the product and its packaging and advertisements.
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