Mock Trial In Criminal Law Discussion

You can choose a Trial that is school appropriatethought I prefer a murder case pleaselanguage English
Plessy v. Ferguson a Mock trial i am in law studies but i havent gotten the chance to make another already doing making one and i have 13 days before i graduate this is one of the 7 classes i need to pass but making the is the last thing to pass in the class
this is what my teacher askes from us for this WHAT YOU NEED TO TURN IN: Make sure to read….
The day before the trial you will need to submit your opening statement, closing argument, list of witnesses you would like to call( ), a list of questions you have prepared for your witnesses, a list of answers for your sides witnesses, a list of actors from the class to use as witnesses, and any evidence you would like to submit for examination. MAKE SURE TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR OPPOSITE TEAM! During cross examination the witness will be on their own unless you provide them with information. So make sure they are prepared. there will be a hard cut off time of 1 week for submitting late work regarding this project.

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