Music And Cultural Identity Assignment

Music And Cultural Identity Assignment
I want to add more to this pieces that i’m writing for a magazine I feel like its missing something and isn’t captivating enough for our readers. The piece is about Music: A Universal Feature of the Human Experience
The magazine that I am writing for an independent magazine and a platform for young creatives to showcase their talent, find safe spaces and destigmatize topics around mental health, identity, sexual freedom, religion and culture amongst others. We plan on producing a monthly virtual magazine. From feature interviews, podcasts, essays, poems, and art, we are a hub for discovering creative talents, art, culture, change makers and critical thought within internationals living in the diaspora. HESTAH is founded on the principle of inclusion but not to the exclusion of perspectives. The goal was to create a space specifically for those whose identity is reconceptualized under diasporic conditions. And my pieces is specifically about music.
Here is what I have so far! I just want to make it more captivating and clear for readers:
Music A Universal Feature of the Human Experience
What constitutes music? Music is a constellation of sounds that unite the mind and spirit. Music as an art form constructs identity, environment, and emotional experiences. Like all art, it is a form of expression and interpretation. The creation and significance of music can vary by culture and society. In many cultures, music plays a significant role in an individual’s way of life, whether traditional, rights of passages, religious practice or even on amateur karaoke night. Have you ever thought about the effect music has had on your upbringing or in your culture? Being an Haitian woman I have experienced the significance of music in my life. The history of Haitian music is a multi-faceted story filled with many collaborators. Over generations, Haitian music, or Kompa, has enriched our musical heritage by incorporating a variety of West artistic inspiration. It has taught me to appreciate so many other genres of music. From Afro beats to dancehall and soca. My love for music became international. for many people, the conversation surrounding music in each culture isidentified in countless ways and across disciplines. , Do you see similarities in different cultural music? If so,how does that connect us?
What effects does music have on the diaspora, and how has the diaspora influenced and affected musical society and identity? How has it catalyzed the generational changes that the diaspora took on the regions? With the sounds, lyrics, and rhythm frequently conveying the thoughts and emotions of the society, this shows the world’s ideas are changing, but wonderfully so, music is an archive of changing plans. It continues to adaptwith what is occurring in theworld. As a person who loves music frommany cultures and backgrounds, I urge you all to broaden your musical taste. You will be surprised by how many cultures outside of yours share musical similarities. Through music you’ll find yourself making new friends, sharing musical experiences, sharing dances and traditions. So what are you waiting for? Oh, I see…you don’t know where to start. No worries. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of amazing international artists that have caught my interest.. Here are my top 10 international artists living inthe diaspora. Below you can also find the link to a HESTAH playlist. Included in the playlist are these fantastic artists and more. We may not be able to physically travel the world because of COVID, but we can use music to get a taste of what is out there!.
In progress for the artists responses

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