Mythological archetypes in contemporary culture

This assignment will allow you to demonstrate how effectively you can identify mythological archetypes in contemporary culture.
Select a contemporary story in the form of a novel, movie, or video game that is inspired by a mythological epic or hero’s quest.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with about the contemporary heros or heroine’s quest geared to an audience of seventh graders.
Include the following in your presentation:
A short explanation of archetypes and heroes
Brief description of the plight of your selected main characterthe feat(s) he or she must execute for the benefit of society in the face of challenges
Other archetypes within the story and a brief description of their roles in the hero’s quest .
Research about the mythological and cultural origins of the story; explanation of parallels between the myth(s) and the contemporary story it inspiredRelating these to the conflicts and choices ordinary humans struggle with

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