National Income and Economic Development

National Income and Economic Development
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National Income and Economic Development
1. The total amount of income from
economic activities across the country
in a year is called ……… .
(a) Disposable income
(b) National income
(c) Personal income
(d) Private income
2. National income is the [IAS (Pre) 1997]
(a) Net National Product at market price.
(b) Net National Product at factor cost.
(c) Net Domestic Product at market
(d) Net Domestic product at factor cost.
3. The value of national income adjusted
for inflation is called
(a) Per Capita Income
(b) Disposable Income
(c) Inflation Rate
(d) Real National Income
National Income and Economic Development
4. National income is also called as
[SSC (10 2) 2012]
(a) GNP at factor cost.
(b) GNP at market price.
(c) NNP at factor cost.
(d) NNP at market price.
5. Which one of the following is not
included while estimating national
income through income method?
[SSC (10 2) 2011]
(a) Rent
(b) Mixed incomes
(c) Pension
(d) Undistributed profits
6. National income is generated from
[SSC 2011]
(a) any money-making activity.
(b) any laborious activity.
(c) any profit-making activity.
(d) any productive activity.
7. The incomes of Indians working
abroad are a part of
[SSC (10 2) 2013]
(a) domestic income of India
(b) income earned from Abroad
(c) net domestic product of India
(d) gross domestic product of India
8. In calculating national income which
of the following is included?
[SSC 2005]
(a) Services of housewives
(b) Pensions
(c) Income of smugglers
(d) Income of watchmen
9. The economist, who for the first time
scientifically determined national
income in India was
(a) DR Gadgil
(b) VKRV Rao
(c) Manmohan Singh
(d) YV Alagh
10. National income in India is estimated
[IAS (Pre) 2018, UPPSC (Pre) 2006]
(a) Planning Commission
(b) Central Statistical Organisation
(c) Finance Commission
(d) Indian Statistical Institute
National Income and Economic Development
11. Who was the head of national income
Committee, constituted in 1949?
(a) D R Gadgil
(b) Dr P C Mahalanobis
(c) Dr V K R V Rao
(d) B Natrajan
12. In which year, the estimates of
national income was released by the
government for the first time?
(a) 1947-48 (b) 1948-49
(c) 1950-51 (d) 1952-53
13. In India, national income is calculated by
the Central Statistical Office in which one
of the following time period?
(a) 31st April to 1st March
(b) 1st February to 31st March
(c) 1st April to 31st March
(d) 28th February to 1st March
14. Which of the following method/s is/are
used to calculate national income in India?
(a) Production method
(b) Expenditure method
(c) Income method
(d) All of the above
15. One of the problems in calculating
national income in India is
(a) underemployment
(b) inflation
(c) law level of savings
(d) non-organised sector
16. Which of the following method is not used
in determining national income at a
country? [SSC 2014]
(a) Income method (b) Output method
(c) Input method (d) Investment method
17. How can we arrive at NNP from GNP in
national income accounting?
(a) GNP Depreciation
(b) GNP − Net Indirect Taxes
(c) GNP − Depreciation
(d) GNP Net indirect Taxes
18. National income accounting entails a
calculation of the net contribution at every
stage of manufacturing. This method of
national income accounting is known as
(a) Product method
(b) Income method
(c) Consumption method
(d) Expenditure method
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