Navigating the Write Way: Insights and Recommendations for Future ENG 101 Explorers

Letter to a Future Composition Student
By this point in the semester, you’ve completed the majority of the work required in
ENG 101 and you’ve been introduced to several new concepts about writing.
You’ve almost finished composing your own theory of writing, based on what
you’ve learned. For this mini writing project, you’ll take that knowledge and turn it
into a meaningful (and honest) recommendation for a future ENG 101 student.
Some guiding questions: What can the student expect to learn in this class? What
advice do you have? Perhaps, what do you wish you’d known coming in to this
class? Keep your focus on the content of the class—what future students can hope
to learn—not on the instructor, time of day, etc

Your mini writing project should be ~600–900 words (2–3 double-spaced pages)

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