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Discussion 1:
Information Systems have developed at a quick pace since the time their presentation during the 1950s. Today, gadgets that we can hold in one hand are more impressive than the PCs used to land a man on the moon. The Internet has made the whole world available to us, permitting us to impart and work together with one another more than ever.
The development of the Information Systems has gained huge ground and the field has grown, new specialties and research networks have risen, and the degree of research has expanded drastically. It is completely taken up with “punch card”, electronic calculater and today, it has advanced to e-business, e-commerce greed and the most recent development, portable registering just as distributed computing.
The web and related innovations and applications have changed the manner in which business work and individuals work, and how data frameworks bolster business process, dynamic and upper hand. Today, numerous business are utilizing web advances to web-empower business process and to make improve e-business applications. E-business is the utilization of web advances to work and engage business forms, online business and undertaking joint effort inside an organization and with its clients, providers and different business partners.
Lastly, large information, versatile and distributed computing in the most recent period of cell phones, tablets and web-based social networking, and the fast development of remote system innovation. Enormous information is an assortment of information from conventional and advanced sources inside and outside of an association that speaks to a hotspot for progressing, disclosure and examination. Distributed computing empowers advantageous, on-request organize access to a common pool of configurable cloud processing gadgets, for example, systems, servers, applications and administrations that can be quickly provisioned and discharged with insignificant administration exertion or specialist organization associations. (Preston A.Cox.2011).
Development in Information Systems infrastructure has changed how we live and how we work together today. The association and the general public have profited a great deal from the development since 50 years prior. Innovation changes rapidly every once in a while and we, as the client of the innovation need to prepare and keep us intimately with the quick pace of innovation changes to remain serious in the dynamic commercial center.
Preston A.Cox. (2011). Mobile clould computing. Retrieved from
Makers: The New Industrial Revolution by Chris Anderson. Crown Business; 2012

Discussion 2:
Evolution of information System Infrastructure.
Information System Infrastructure, as the name suggests, is a network of different systems within the organization that all together work towards the company’s goals and growth. The infrastructure consists of communication environment, data environment like database and data warehouse, information security environment, software and hardware equipment which collaboratively work for a smooth workplace process and hassle-free environment.
To put in simple terms, the information system infrastructure has evolved from being a back-end office tool to the most integral part of a company, without which the companies would be handicapped.
Let us go back to when it all started, 1960s, also called as the Mainframe Era where the information system was limited to specific hardware and software which was mostly proprietary. The data was stored on a host system and was accessed via a terminal on PC or UNIX to perform the daily operations. The users had limited interaction with the data because the system focused on data processing back-end operations of an organization. This era lasted for about couple decades.
Then came 1980s, the Client-Server Era which introduced the network of systems through which the users can interact with the data. The computers were interconnected and communicated with each other so that the client computer can request the desired data from the server computer and to make that happen the client computer needs an application which performs the duty of server accessing and retrieving the data from the system. This also lasted for two decades.
Early 2000s marked the beginning of Distributed Component Era which is the ongoing era. This was a huge jump from the earlier era because there were various components involved in this environment and the interaction capabilities between users and the data was highly user friendly with various operations like copy, paste, retrieve, remove, change, drag and drop functionality. It also used the internet to set up a communication between all the components of the infrastructure.
Since the beginning we have come an exceptionally long way to the present technology which can perform operations that used to take hours in a matter of seconds.

Zwass, V. (2017, December 28). Information systems audit. URL:

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