Nsg456 Research Dissemination Plan

NSG/456: Research Outcomes Management For The Practicing Nurse
Wk 5 – Research Dissemination Plan [due Mon]
Assignment Content
This assignment is designed to help you understand how to make your research usable and available to other people in your field.
Develop a dissemination plan for your research. Your plan should include discussion about the following:
oWho is most likely to use this research?
oWhat is the practice setting?
oEnd-user needs
oHow should you present data to make it most usable?
oIs there specific language should you use to ensure your audience understands your purpose?
oDoes the target audience have a specific type of need based on practice setting?
oWhat specific journals, newsletters, or publications would would you want to publish in to reach your audience?
oPresentations at local, state, and national levels
oWhat conferences, meetings, or panels would you want to present at to make sure your ideas were readily available in the field?
Format your dissemination plan as one of the following:
o18- to 20-slide presentation
o15- to 20-minute oral presentation
o875-word paper
oAnother format approved by your instructor
Submit your assignment.

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