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Interdisciplinary Communication
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Interdisciplinary CommunicationFormulating a task force is among the key roles of a nurse when addressing a healthcare issue. It helps organize a group of interested people to identify problems, recommend solutions, and implement an action plan. Such helps provide a forum for diversity and opportunities for people to share their expertise (Kimmons,2017). For a task force to be effective, it should have members who clearly understand the objectives of the recommended proposal and their contributions and roles for it to succeed. Considering this, I have been assigned the role of bringing together a task force team to design a medication assistance program. This program is useful because it will help provide accessibility to free and low-cost medication to those who cannot afford them. This will include low-income and uninsured patients. The task force will consist of five invited members. This task force will help make strategic decisions and create policies that can be implemented to meet patient’s needs. The selected individuals in the task force include the experienced practitioner, financial navigator, discharge planner, prescriber, and supplier.Inviting the experienced practitioner to join the task force will be crucial. This stakeholder will help shape the task force and outline the goals that should be achieved. Using the experience and expertise one has, the practitioner will serve as a leader who will inspire and encourage others to implement the proposed project. When meeting the CEO, it will be easy for the practitioner to explain the relevance of the proposed program to the patients and how to implement it.Another crucial member is the financial navigator. Having this individual in the team is crucial since he or she will take the role of the implementer. The financial navigator will take the initiative and ensure it is fully implemented by creating an action plan. Using his expertise, this individual will help communicate to the CEO regarding the funds needed for the program. When the CEO approves the program, this member will track how the allocated budget is used to avoid embezzlement.Inviting a resource discharge planner into the task force is also crucial. This individual will help ensure that the program is efficiently discharged and the patients can easily access the medicines. Having this stakeholder when meeting the CEO will help address questions related to how drugs will be distributed and how prescribers can provide medications to the patients.Incorporating the prescriber into the task force will be necessary. This member will be prescribing medications to the patients using the recommended program. Thus, involving this individual will help understand the kind of drugs prescribed to the patients, the cost of the drugs, and the availability of the drug in the organization. Further, he will explain to the CEO the necessity of designing the proposed program and its impact on patients from .Inviting the supplier will also be necessary. This individual will answer questions about how the drugs will be supplied to the organization. Further, this member will share insights regarding what could result in a shortage of drugs and how to avoid them. Additionally, he will explain what could result in a hike in prices and trends in the market so that the organization can always be updated.In every project, it is imperative to have a group facilitator. This individual helps guide the team to work together more efficiently by creating synergy and handling any conflict. In addition, this individual helps the team generate new ideas and arrive at a consensus. When designing the medication assistance program, the group facilitator will be the experienced practitioner. This individual will rally the group members and help them understand the task force’s objective and why their input is needed to successfully design the proposed program.
ReferenceKimmons,R.L. (2017). Task force project execution: Pros and cons.Project Management, 45-48.

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