Nursing Health And Illness Assignment

Nursing Health And Illness Assignment
Nursing Health And Illness Assignment
1. Of the following statements, which is most true of
health and illness?
a. Health and illness are the same for all people.
b. Health and illness are individually defined by each
c. People with acute illnesses are actually healthy.
d. People with chronic illnesses have poor health
2. A nurse has volunteered to give influenza injections
at a local clinic. What level of care is he
a. Tertiary
b. Secondary
c. Primary
d. Promotive
3. A nurse’s neighbor tells her, “I have a high
temperature, feel awful, and I am not going to work.”
What stage of illness behavior is the neighbor
a. Experiencing symptoms
b. Assuming the sick role
c. Assuming a dependent role
d. Achieving recovery and rehabilitation
Nursing Health And Illness Assignment
4. A nurse is caring for a patient with heart failure, a
chronic illness. Which of the following characteristics
is not a part of chronic illness?
a. Permanent change in body structure or function
b. Self-treatment that relieves symptoms
c. Long period of treatment and care
d. Often has remissions and exacerbations
5. The agent–host–environment model of health and
illness is based on what concept?
a. Risk factors
b. Infectious diseases
c. Behaviors to promote health
d. Stages of illness
6. When providing health promotion classes, a nurse uses
concepts from models of health. What do both the
health–illness continuum and the high-level wellness
models demonstrate?
a. Illness as a fixed point in time
b. The importance of family
c. Wellness as a passive state
d. Health as a constantly changing state
7. Following the birth of his first child and after reading
about the long-term effects of nicotine, John decides to
stop smoking. This behavior change is most likely
based on John’s perceptions of all but one of the
following. Which one is not true?
a. His susceptibility to lung cancer
b. How serious lung cancer would be
c. What benefits his stopping smoking will have
d. Personal choice and economic factors
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Nursing Health And Illness Assignment
9. A nurse is asked to teach a group of young adults a
healthy lifestyle. One young man says, “I stopped eating fast foods to lose weight.” What model of health or
illness explains this behavior?
a. Health–illness continuum
b. Agent–host–environment model
c. Health promotion model
d. Health belief model
10. A nurse follows the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.
How can this promote health in others?
a. By being a role model for healthy behaviors
b. By not requiring sick days from work
c. By never exposing others to any type of illness
d. By spending less money on food
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