Nursing Theory Research And Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing Theory Research And Evidence-Based Practice
Nursing Theory Research And Evidence-Based Practice
1. When you ask an older student why it is necessary to
change the patient’s bed every day, he says, “I guess we
have always done it that way.” This answer is an example of which of the following?
a. Unsubstantiated knowledge
b. Scientific knowledge
c. Authoritative knowledge
d. Traditional knowledge
2. One method of developing a theory is by first examining a general idea and then considering specific actions
or ideas. What is this method called?
a. Inductive reasoning
b. Deductive reasoning
c. Conceptual modeling
d. Concept development
Nursing Theory Research And Evidence-Based Practice
3. When describing the term concept to a group of
students, which word would the instructor most
likely use?
a. Fact
b. Science
c. Idea
d. Truth
4. Which type of theory focuses on clinical nursing
a. Prescriptive theory
b. Descriptive theory
c. Developmental theory
d. Systems theory
6. When conducting research, information is collected.
This would be identified as which of the following?
a. Subject
b. Analysis
c. Data
d. Abstract
Nursing Theory Research And Evidence-Based Practice
7. Which type of quantitative research is conducted to
directly influence or improve clinical practice?
a. Basic research
b. Applied research
c. Experimental research
d. Descriptive research
8. A nurse researcher is studying the effects of exercise
and sleep on blood pressure. The researcher identifies
blood pressure as which type of variable?
a. Exploratory
b. Correlational
c. Dependent
d. Independent
Nursing Theory Research And Evidence-Based Practice
9. Of the following types of qualitative research, which
method developed in anthropology?
a. Historical
b. Ethnography
c. Grounded theory
d. Phenomenology
CHAPTER 5 Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice 81
10. A nurse is formulating a clinical question in PICO
format. Which of the following is represented by
the letter P?
a. Comparison to another similar treatment
b. Clearly defined, focused literature review
c. Specific identification of the desired outcome
d. Explicit descriptions of population of interest
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