Obesity in The Youth Overview Research

Obesity inYouth
Overview ofthe Research Findings
Obesity has gradually become widespread,affecting the lives of millions of American citizens. In a report released by aNational Health and Nutrition Examination survey, the overall prevalence ofobesity among the youth ranges between 20% to 30% (Sanyaolu et al., 2019). It isimportant to note that this figure has tripled in relation to the last twodecades. Additionally, through interviews and questionnaires conducted by theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity is becoming a prevalentillness due to the increased risk factors. For instance, lack of physicalexercise, age, family history, and genes are some of the factors contributingto increased levels of obesity. According to interviews held by differentmedical care organizations, the most basic treatment plan to cure and preventobesity is having a and regular physical exercise. One canalso use weight loss medicines but only after consultations with professionalmedical practitioners.
Best Practices
Youth obesity has reached epidemic levels inthe U.S.A. Therefore, there is a need for immediate intervention in regards tothe management and treatment of obesity. Some of the best practices that ensurequality care and recovery from obesity include patient education by nursesregarding the proper nutrition suitable for victims, regular physical exerciseby patients, and the use of anti-obesity medication (Md et al., 2018). Withsuch medical practices, the and enjoys a range of othermetabolic benefits beyond weight loss alone.
In conclusion, the above research findingsconcur with my knowledge and understanding concerning obesity in youth. Throughliterature research I conducted online and reading scholarly sources, I agreemore with this. In addition, the research findings support the best practicessuch that both and nurse involvement in the fight

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