Objectives Formulate A Clinical Question Based On Clinical Problem

In this part of the assignment you will Identify a clinical question of interest to you. This assignment consists of two parts.
Part I
Provide a description of the clinical question/issue, as well as the relevant patient population, setting, nurse’s role (FNP or RN)., and the significance of the problem. Also discuss current management/ approach to the problem and the gaps/needs to address the issue.
Part II
Develop a PICO(T) question. Also, please suggest key search terms that you will use to begin your search.
Content of part I of the EBP project

Title page
Description of the clinical issue
Relevant population
Clearly stated significance of the problem
Current management/approach to the problem and gaps/needs to address the issue
Clearly stated PICO(s) question guiding the project
Reference list (if needed)

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