One point linear perspective drawing

ONE– POINT PERSPECTIVEOne–point perspective is often applied to give a view that gives a sense ofdeep space such as a hallway, walkway, railroad, pier, etc.For example, when looking down a hallway, the walls, floor and ceilingappear to meet at a single spot This is called the ––which is located on the HORIZON LINE this is at eye level.The EYE level is determined by your vertical position in relation to the subject(hallway) that you are viewing.The VANISHING POINT is determined by your lateral (horizontal) position inrelation to the subject that you are viewing.
First, read through everything then before you begin drawing, imagine that you are looking into aroom. You will be creating a simple linear perspective drawing of a gallery space with one open endpedestal and a painting leaning against the wall. The instructions will take you step by step to draw thewalls, a pedestal and a painting for the room. Then you w ill be asked to create on your ownanother painting, 2 more pedestals and a bookshelf.Use a very or mechanical pencil for this drawing AND A RULER! Keep your lineslight so you can erase without trouble.BE SURE TO KEEP Vertical lines must be STRAIGHT not slanted and horizontal lines must beSTRAIGHT and not slanted! Corners should meet perfectfly. orthogonals (lines that meet at the must go through corners perfectly from the vanishing point (VP).POINT (VP)

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