Order Abbreviations and Acronyms Discussion

Order Abbreviations and Acronyms Discussion
Order Abbreviations and Acronyms Discussion
1. What is the full form of ‘ATM’?
(a) Air to Missle [SSC 2014]
(b) Automated Teller Machine
(c) All Through Market
(d) Ascii Transmission Method
2. CDMA technology used in mobile
phones stands for [SSC 2008]
(a) Computer Developed Management
(b) Code Division Multiple Application
(c) Code Division Multiple Access
(d) Code Division Mobile Application
3. What is full form of ISDN?
(a) Internet Service Data Network
(b) Integrated Subscriber Digital
(c) Integrated Service Digital Network
(d) Internet Subscriber Data Network
4. 5G stands for
(a) Five Generation (b) Fifth Generation
(c) Fifth Generalisation
(d) Five Genetics
5. What is the full form of ‘Virus’?
(a) Various Information Resources
Under Stage
(b) Vital Information Resources Under
(c) Various Information Resource
Unlimited Storage
(d) Vital Images Universal Studios
Order Abbreviations and Acronyms Discussion
6. SWAN stands for
(a) State Wild-Life Area Networks
(b) State Wide Acceleration of Networks
(c) State Water Augmentation Network
(d) State Wide Area Networks
7. ISP stands for
(a) Internet Service Provider
(b) Industrial Services Program
(c) Information Service Provider
(d) International Services Program
8. What is the full form of CAPTCHA
(image verification used in Websites)?
(a) Common Application Program to
Check Hidden Art
(b) Completly Automated Private Test to
Check Human Activity
(c) Cyber Application Program to
Change Host Application
(d) Completely Automated Public Turing
Test to Tell Computers and Humans
10. DOS stands for
(a) Disk Operating System
(b) Direct Operating System
(c) Dual Operating System
(d) Dial up Operating System
Order Abbreviations and Acronyms Discussion
11. What is full form of DVD?
[RRB 2016, SSC 2013]
(a) Dynamic Versalite Disk
(b) Digital Versatile Disk
(c) Dynamic Video Disk
(d) Digital Video Disk
12. In information technology, what does
HTML refers? [SSC 2014, RRB 2006]
(a) Human Text Markup Language
(b) High Text Markup Language
(c) Hyband Text Markup Language
(d) Hyper Text Markup Language
13. In computers, what is full form of IC?
(a) Integrated Code [RRB 2005]
(b) Integrated Circuit
(c) Information Circuit
(d) Internal Circuit
14. LAN stands for [UPPSC 2014, SSC 2012]
(a) Least Area Network
(b) Large Area Network
(c) Local Area Network
(d) Light Area Network
15. What is the full form of LED? [NDA 2018]
(a) Light Emitting Diode
(b) Light Emitting Device
(c) Light Enhancing Device
(d) Light Enhancing Diode
16. Today most of tv screens are LCD?
What is the full form of LCD?
(a) Liquid Crystal Display
(b) Light Connecting Device
(c) Light Control Display
(d) Light Crystal Display
17. What do you mean by MODEM?
(a) Modern Demodulation
(b) Mobile Demodulator
(c) Modulator Demodulator
(d) Moderm Demodulator
18. In the context of cloud computing, Pass
stands for
(a) Payment is a service.
(b) Platform is a service.
(c) Protocol is a service.
(d) Performance is a service.
19. What is the full form of a RAM?
(a) Rapid Access Memory
(b) Random Access Memory
(c) Regular Access Memory
(d) Repititive Access Memory
20. The full form of TRAI is [SSC 2020, 2017]
(a) Trans Roadway Authority of India
(b) Telephone Regulatory Authority of
(c) Transport and Roads Authority of
(d) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
21. In computer technology, VGA stands for
(a) Visual Graphics Application
(b) Video Graphics Application
(c) Video Graphics Array
(d) Visual Graphics Array
22. CLI Stands for
(a) Command Line Interface
(b) Common Line Interface
(c) Command Link Interface
(d) Common Link Interface
23. Among the given option which one
represent full form of WAN?
(a) Wired Area Network
(b) Wide Area Network
(c) Wireless Area Network
(d) None of the above

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