Order Acid-Base Balance Discussion

Order Acid-Base Balance Discussion
Order Acid-Base Balance Discussion
A nurse is caring for a patient who has a cardiac
monitor. The patient’s serum potassium level is
5.9 mEq/L. The nurse should check the cardiac monitor for the presence of which altered cardiac tracing
related to this patient’s potassium level?
1. Peaked P wave
2. Peaked T wave
3. Elevated U wave
4. Narrow QRS complex
A nurse working on the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift is
monitoring the intake and output of a patient. In
the morning, the patient voids 640 mL, drinks 4 oz of
orange juice and 6 oz of coffee, and consumes 6 oz of
milk in cereal. For lunch, the patient has 3 oz of
cream of chicken soup, a chicken breast with a
portion of rice, and a 12-o0z can of ginger ale. After
lunch, the patient reports feeling nauseated and
ultimately vomits 280 mL of greenish yellow fluid
containing food particles from lunch. The primary
health-care provider orders NPO with ice chips to
help relieve thirst. The nurse gives the patient an
8-oz cup of ice chips that the patient consumes by
the end of the shift. The patient voids 320 mL at
3 p.m. The patient vomits another 130 mL of fluid
just before the end of the shift. What is the patient’s
intake for the 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift?
Answer: mL
A nurse is caring for two patients, one with a diagnosis of fluid volume excess and one with fluid volume
deficit. Which nursing intervention is unique to fluid
volume excess, which is unrelated to fluid volume
1. Obtain a daily weight.
2. Record intake and output.
3. Place the patient in the mid-Fowler position.
4, Monitor laboratory values for renal function and
A nurse is caring for a patient receiving digoxin
(Lanoxin) to improve cardiac function. For the past
few days, the patient has been experiencing diarrhea
and vomiting due to a gastrointestinal infection. For
which clinical manifestation should the nurse assess
the patient?
1. Orthostatic hypotension
2. Visual disturbances
3. Increased pulse
4. Muscle cramps
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