Order Agriculture Geography Essay

Order Agriculture Geography Essay
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Order Agriculture Geography Essay
1. Which of the following is a primary
(a) IT Services (b) Farming
(c) Fishing (d) Both (b) and (c)
2. Norman Borlaug was given Nobel Prize
in which field? [UPPSC 2018]
(a) Agriculture (b) Economics
(c) Medicine (d) Peace
3. Under which of the following types of
agriculture, food crops for self
consumption are grown?
(a) Mixed Farming (b) Ranching
(c) Shifting Cultivation (d) Horticulture
4. Which one of the following is not a type
of commercial agriculture? [CDS 2020]
(a) Dairy farming
(b) Grain farming
(c) Livestock ranching
(d) Intensive subsistence agriculture
5. Which of the following is true regarding
Order Agriculture Geography Essay
I. Agriculture is the most widely adopted
occupation of the world.
II. In developing countries, agriculture is
a major contributor to GDP and
III. Agriculture developed only during
medieval times.
(a) I and II (b) I and III
(c) II and III (d) All of these
6. Growing only one crop, season after
season is termed as
(a) Sequential cropping
(b) Intercropping
(c) Monocropping
(d) Strip cropping
7. Monocropping results in which of the
following problems in agricultural fields?
(a) Damage to soil structure
(b) Increasing weeds
(c) Encourages pests
(d) All of the above
8. Growing two crops in the same
agricultural field one after the other in
the same year is termed as
(a) Intercropping
(b) Sequential cropping
(c) Relay cropping
(d) Strip cropping
9. What is intercropping?
(a) It is the time period between two
cropping seasons.
(b) It is growing two or more crops in
random mixture.
(c) It is growing two or more crops in
definite row patterns.
(d) It is growing of different crops on a
piece of land in a pre-planned
10. One of the disadvantages with
intercropping is that
(a) it reduces soil fertility of the region.
(b) it reduces crop yield of both crops.
(c) it encourages weed growth.
(d) None of the above
11. The advantages of strip cropping
includes which of the following?
(a) Improvement in soil fertility.
(b) Reduce weed problems.
(c) Improvement in production.
(d) All of the above
12. Which one of the following terms
describes the practice of growing two
or more crops simultaneously on the
same piece of land? [NDA 2020]
(a) Crop rotation (b) Mixed cropping
(c) Intercropping (d) Mixed farming
13. What is/are the advantage/advantages
of zero tillage in agriculture?
[IAS (Pre) 2020]
I. Sowing of wheat is possible without
burning the residue of previous crop.
II. Without the need for nursery of rice
saplings, direct planting of paddy
seeds in the wet soil is possible.
III. Carbon sequestration in the soil is
Select the correct answer using the
codes given below.
(a) I and II only
(b) II and III only
(c) Only III
(d) I, II and III
14. Consider the following statements
about strip cropping.
I. Strip cropping reduces weed growth.
II. With strip cropping, a number of crops
can be grown simultaneously.
III. Competition between crops is
reduced with strip cropping.
Which of these above statement/s is/are
(a) Both I and II (b) Both II and III
(c) Both I and III (d) All of these
Order Agriculture Geography Essay
15. Consider the following statements and
choose the correct option.
I. Crops changes in each subsequent
year under crop rotation.
II. Complementary crops are grown
under crop rotation.
III. Crop rotation increases the risk of
crop failure for the farmers.
(a) Both I and II
(b) Both I and III
(c) Both II and III
(d) All of the above
16. Consider the following statements and
choose the correct option.
I. Relay cropping involves planting
another crop in the same field without
harvesting the first.
II. It helps in avoiding the competition
between main crop and the other crops.
III. Relay cropping improves soil fertility.
(a) Both I and II (b) Both II and III
(c) Both I and III (d) All of these
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