Order Appropriate To Research Study

Order Appropriate To Research Study
Order Appropriate To Research Study
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: Recommend Two Perspectives (“Lens Foundation”) Appropriate to a Research Study
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Order Appropriate To Research Study
For this assignment, you will select two plausible conceptual or theoretical “foundational lens” under which your research focus might be explored. If you are pursuing a theoretical (PhD) research study then it is advisable, but not necessary for this assignment, to limit your selections to theories. If you are pursuing an applied doctorate then you may select either theoretical or conceptual, or one of each. The intent of this assignment is to initiate thinking through how a conceptual or theoretical framework might be applied toward a research study. It is acknowledged that these frameworks may or may not result in the final selection for your dissertation research study.
Order Appropriate To Research Study
Order Appropriate To Research Study
Review the literature to identify two frameworks that are appropriate for your degree type. Include an introduction to your research focal topic and then section your assignment document using headers to identify each framework.
For each of the frameworks, complete the following:
· Name the theory or conceptual framework in a heading.
· Write two or three paragraphs about the author, the concept of the theory or conceptual framework.
· Write at least one paragraph of the use in history and use today, or if no longer used, why it is not used today.
· Write a conclusion about your thoughts on how the theory or conceptual framework might be applied to a dissertation research study (preferably yours).
References: Include a minimum of 6 scholarly resources, three for each framework.
Length: Your assignment should be about 3-4 pages. Note, this assignment does not include previously written assignments. APA writing.
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