Order Argument Rough Draft Assignment

Order Argument Rough Draft Assignment
If you’re having trouble settling on a topic, check out the OCC Library databases for some ideas. Opposing Views in Context and Points of View are great resources for exploring ideas. Choosing a topic is one of the most important stages of this assignment. You will be living with this topic for the remainder of the semester so make sure it’s something you’re passionate about.
The content of your essay should be substantial, well researched, and interesting. Try to know as much as you can about your topic so that you may present an in-depth analysis that persuades your reader to accept your claim.
Please note that this project offers an extra-credit opportunity; a 3-5 minute presentation. You may use PowerPoint slides, infographics, images, and/or video to present the key points of your essay to the class. Your creativity is welcomed.
IMPORTANT! Keep the following in mind as you compose your essay:
· Don’t rely on one to two sources, distribute all your sources throughout the essay
· This is a research project, not a rant, or an exploration of your personal feelings. Make a claim and support it with evidence.
· Avoid a string of quotations/paraphrases; the majority of your essay should be your own words
· Do not write an essay that is purely informational; be BOLD, take a stand on an issue or propose a logical idea/solution to an issue. Papers with no definite stance will not succeed.
· Lengthy quotes and paraphrases should be avoided
Order Argument Rough Draft Assignment
· I (the instructor) am not part of your audience; think of your audience as skeptical, but rational people, that are interested in knowing more about your issue
Useful Questions:
1. Is there an arguable thesis statement?
2. Does the title capture my readers’ attention?
3. Does the introduction capture the readers’ attention?
4. Are there any instances where the supporting evidence is irrelevant?
5. Is supporting evidence sufficient and compelling enough to convince the
6. Am I using appeals effectively
7. Have I written with my audience in mind?
8. Does my conclusion succinctly wrap up my argument?
9. Is MLA style used correctly?

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