Order Asepsis And Infection Control Discussion

Order Asepsis And Infection control discussion
Order Asepsis And Infection Control Discussion
1. What are the smallest infectious agents capable of
causing an infection?
a. Bacteria
b. Viruses
c. Molds
d. Yeasts
2. Your patient has developed a low-grade fever and states
that she has felt very tired lately. You interpret these
findings as indicating which stage of infection?
a. Incubation period
b. Prodromal stage
c. Full stage of illness
d. Convalescent period
3. Efforts by healthcare facilities to reduce the incidence
of HAIs include an awareness of which of the following?
a. The CDC requires all states to report HAI rates from
each hospital.
b. The gastrointestinal tract is a common site for
c. Joint Commission considers death or serious injury
from HAIs a sentinel event
d. The causal agent for most HAIs is viral.
4. A patient develops a urinary tract infection after an
indwelling urinary catheter has been inserted. This would
most accurately be termed as which type of infection?
a. A viral infection
b. A chronic infection
c. An iatrogenic infection
d. An opportunistic infection
5. The nurse has opened the sterile supplies and donned
two sterile gloves to complete a sterile dressing change,
a procedure that requires surgical asepsis. The nurse
must do which of the following?
a. Keep splashes on the sterile field to a minimum
b. Cover the nose and mouth with gloved hands if a
sneeze is imminent
c. Use forceps soaked in a disinfectant
d. Consider the outer 1 inch of the sterile field as
Order Asepsis And Ifection Conrol Discusion
6. The CDC standard precaution recommendations apply
to which of the following?
a. Only patients with diagnosed infections
b. Only blood and body fluids with visible blood
c. All body fluids including sweat
d. All patients receiving care in hospitals
7. In addition to standard precautions, the nurse caring for
a patient with rubella would plan to implement what
type of precautions?
a. Droplet precautions
b. Airborne precautions
c. Contact precautions
d. Universal precautions

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