Order Atomic Theory and Structure

Order Atomic Theory and Structure
Order Atomic Theory and Structure
1. Which of the following shows the correct number of protons, neutrons, and
electrons in a neutral cadmium-112 atom?
Protons Neutrons Electrons
(A) 48 48 48
(B) 48 64 48
(C) 48 64 64
(D) 64 48 64
(E) 112 48 112
Questions 2-7 refer to the following diagram of the periodic table.
2. Reacts violently with water at 298 K Group | elements
3. Highest first ionization energy
4. Highest electronegativity
5. Highest electron affinity
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Largest atomic radius
Most metallic character
. The atomic mass of bromine is 79.904. Given that the only two naturally
occurring isotopes are ”?Br and ®’Br, the abundance of Br isotope is
(A) 20 percent
(B) 40 percent
(C) 50 percent
(D) 80 percent
(E) 99 percent
Order Atomic Theory and Structure
. The atomic mass of Sr is 87.62. Given that there are only three naturally
occurring isotopes of strontium,®°Sr, °7Sr, and ®8Sr, which of the following
must be true?
(A) 8Sr is the most abundant isotope.
(B) ®/Sr is the most abundant isotope.
(C) 88Sr is the most abundant isotope.
(D) ®Sr is the least abundant isotope.
(E) The isotopes °’Sr and ®°Sr occur in approximately equal amounts.
Which of the following properties generally decreases from left to right
across a period (from potassium to bromine)?
(A) Electronegativity
(B) Electron affinity
(C) Atomic number
(D) Atomic radius
(E) Maximum value of oxidation number
All of the following statements describe the elements of the group 1 alkali
metals (not including hydrogen) except:
(A) ‘Their reactivity increases with increasing period number.
(B) ‘They have low first ionization energies.
(C) They react violently with water to form strong acids.
(D) They have strong metallic character.
(E) They are all silver solids at 1 atm and 298 K.
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