Order Benefits Of Forest Fires Questions

Order Benefits Of Forest Fires Questions
Order Benefits Of Forest Fires Questions
Which of the following is NOT a public service function of forests?
(A) slowing of erosion
(B) increasing evaporation of water
(C) providing recreational activities
(D) providing timber
267. Indirect deforestation is
(A) death of trees from pollution or disease
(B) killing some trees unintentionally during selective cutting
(C) loss of trees from logging
(D) cutting of forests by local people for fuel
268. When a forest is harvested at a rate that does NOT decrease supply
year after year, it is said to be
(A) clear-cut
(B) sustainable
(C) old-growth
(D) suppressed
269. Which of the following are benefits of forest fires?
I. pinecones open and release seeds
II. removal of brush and replenishment of soils
III. increasing the number of crown fires
(A) I only
(B) II only
(C) I and II only
(D) II and III only
270. Minimum tillage is a farming technique that
(A) decreases the use of herbicides
(B) increases soil compaction
(C) reduces soil erosion
(D) increases evaporation of water
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