Order Biological Basis of Behavior Assignment

Order Biological Basis of Behavior Assignment
Order Biological Basis of Behavior Assignment
1. Gene expression is NOT impacted by which of the following factors?
(A) An organism’s behaviors
(B) Nucleus size
(C) Timing of reproduction
(D) Temperature outside the cell
(E) Environment inside the cell
2. Which of the following defines the word phenotype?
(A) Gene transmission
(B) Gene that directs the development of a characteristic
(C) Pattern of genes in the chromosomes
(D) Traits, behaviors, and characteristics
(E) Part of a DNA molecule
3. How many chromosomes do cells in the human body typically contain?
(A) 92
(B) 46
(C) 23
(D) 12.5
(E) 6
Order Biological Basis of Behavior Assignment
4. What condition is needed for a recessive allele to be expressed
as the organism’s phenotype?
(A) A pairing with a dominant allele
(B) A pairing with an allele for a different gene that is also recessive
(C) A pairing with the same allele on the corresponding gene
(D) A pairing with any recessive allele in the DNA
(E) No pairing needed for the recessive allele to be expressed
2 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 Psychology Questions
6. Which population of people is often studied to explore the impact
of genetics?
(A) Caucasian individuals
(B) Individuals from developing countries
(C) Younger siblings
(D) Identical and fraternal twins
(E) Childless adults
Order Biological Basis of Behavior Assignment
7. Which concept is used to explore the influence of genetics and
environment with regard to a particular trait?
(A) Susceptibility
(B) Heritability
(C) Natural selection
(D) Monogenetic inheritance
(E) Polygenetic inheritance
8. Which of the following factors have been found to influence psychological
(A) Genes
(B) Family environment
(C) Prenatal environment
(D) Peer relationships
(E) All of the above
9. Which of the following is identifiable through heritability estimates?
(A) Amount of genetic similarity in a group
(B) Influence of an individual’s genes on his or her traits
(C) Amount of environmental similarity in a group
(D) The degree to which trait differences between individuals can
be attributed to genes
(E) The degree of heritability of a particular trait in a population
Biological Basis of Behavior ❮ 3
10. The concept that advantageous traits associated with survival and
reproduction are more likely to be transmitted across generations
is known as
(A) polygenetic inheritance
(B) natural selection
(C) evolution
(D) heredity
(E) genetics
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