Order Brand Symbolism In Marketing Assignment

Order Brand Symbolism In Marketing Assignment
This assignment is mandatory and will therefore be evaluated as part of your final grade. This assignment must be completed individually. Before a!emp”ng the assignment, you should study the module’s content; sec”on 3 is par”cularly helpful.
In this module we’ve seen the role of brand symbolism in marke”ng. In this assignment, you will describe a marke”ng situa”on in which you believe brand symbolism was an important factor.
Op”on 1
Based on your professional experience, describe a marke”ng situa”on in which you believe brand symbolism is an important factor.
1. What is the business opportunity, problem, or goal? 2. What is the desired consumer behavior? 3. What is your hypothesis regarding how consumers perceive “who each brand is for?” 4. What qualita”ve research would you conduct, if any, to explore your hypothesis? 5. How would you test your hypothesis? This could include quan”ta”ve survey research and/or a market test. 6. What marke”ng ac”on would you recommend tenta”vely, based on what you know now? This tenta”ve recommenda”on could be revised, of
course, later in the process when you have gathered more learning.
Presumably, the marke”ng ac”on would be part of a market test
Op”on 2
If you do not have an example of a marke”ng situa”on for this assignment based on your professional experience, please do this assignment based on brands you have read about in the business press or business literature—or base it on brands you know as a consumer.
Recommended length: between 1-2 pages/500-1000 words
Format: Text Input/Word Document/PDF Document
Please view the Text Editor Guide to learn more about how to include links, upload images, and use other resources in your assignment.
Order Brand Symbolism In Marketing Assignment
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