Order Cafeteria Benefits For Employees Assignment

Order Cafeteria Benefits For Employees Assignment
For a little humor, see ” Word Crimes ,” by Weird Al Yankovic. (Let me know if the link no longer works or if YouTube takes down the site.)
A scholarly expository essay presents an argument, a thesis that is your interpretation of a topic. It develops an idea about a subject, building from a thesis statement that advances in a coherent, logical manner your opinion, conviction, evaluation, discovery, or point of view on a subject. An expository essay is similar to an editorial debate in The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal but only more high-powered and scholarly. See also the Expository Essay guide in the Work on Your Expository Essay module.
An argument, a critical analytical interpretation, is neither a violent disagreement nor an assertion. It is a statement supported by reason and evidence.
A thesis is an argument, and a thesis statement supplies an opinion and a reason or explanation for that opinion.
Discuss both your ideas AND your opponents’ viewpoint(s) on your topic. Your argument in a scholarly expository essay must explore various sides of the topic. You cannot be one-sided in your scholarly expository essay.
For example, you favor abortion. In your essay, you must, however, present the anti-abortion side along with the pro-abortion side.
Order Cafeteria Benefits For Employees Assignment

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