Order Cell Biology Discussion Assignment Help

Order Cell Biology Discussion Assignment Help
Order Cell Biology Discussion Assignment Help
1. Which one of the following is the
principal structural elements of a living
cell? [NDA 2007]
(a) Oxygen (b) Hydrogen
(c) Carbon (d) Nitrogen
2. A substance which is more than 80% in
the cell is [BPSC 2004]
(a) protein (b) fat
(c) mineral (d) water
3. The scientific study of a cell is called
[SSC 2019]
(a) taxonomy
(b) physiology
(c) histology
(d) cytology
Order Cell Biology Discussion Assignment Help
4. The father of cytology is
(a) Robert Hooke
(b) Nageli
(c) Matthias Schleiden
(d) Virchow
5. Who among the following concluded
that ‘every’ cell comes from a
pre-existing cells?
(a) Virchow (b) Leeuwenhoek
(c) Robert Hooke (d) Schwann
6. Which of the following is an exception
to cell theory?
(a) Angiosperms (b) WBCs
(c) Viruses (d) Gymnosperms
7. Which chemical characteristic is not
common in all living organisms?
(a) Type of protein present in body.
(b) Similar triplet code for amino acid.
(c) Energy is stored in high phosphate
(d) Ribosomes are site of protein
8. Who among the following first
discovered cell? [NDA 2018]
(a) Robert Brown
(b) Robert Hooke
(c) Leeuwenhoek
(d) Rudolf Virchow
9. Which one of the following types of cells
has the ability to develop into any type of
cell? [CDS 2007]
(a) Endodermal cells (b) Ectodermal cells
(c) Stem cells (d) Muscle cells
10. Which one of the following organelles is
the smallest membrane bound organelle?
(a) Ribosome (b) Golgi bodies
(c) Lysosome (d) Nucleolus
Order Cell Biology Discussion Assignment Help
11. Which one of the following is not found
in animal cells?
(a) Free ribosomes (b) Mitochondria
(c) Nucleolus (d) Cell wall
12. Which one of the following organelle is
not found in prokaryotic cells?
[NDA 2018]
(a) Cell wall (b) Mitochondria
(c) Plasma membrane (d) Ribosome
13. Which one of the following is smallest
(a) Mycoplasma (b) Amoeba
(c) White blood cells (d) Red blood cells
14. In prokaryotic organisms, nuclear region
is not surrounded by a membrane. This
undefined nuclear region is known as
[NDA/NA 2020]
(a) Nucleic acid (b) Nucleoid
(c) Nucleolus (d) Nucleosome
15. Which one among the following
statements is correct? [CDS 2015]
(a) Prokaryotic cells possess nucleus.
(b) Cell membrane is present both in
plant and animal cells.
(c) Mitochondria and chromoplasts are
not found in eukaryotic cells.
(d) Ribosomes are present in eukaryotic
cell only.
16. The fruit softens amd ripens due to
(a) conversion of starch from sugar
(b) jelly formation of an acid pH
(c) incorporation of pectate in the middle
(d) dissolution of middle lamella
17. Study the following statements.
I. The term ‘Cell’ was first coined by
Robert Hooke.
II. Plant cells are generally without
III. Cell wall present only in animals cells.
Which of the statement(s) given above
is/are true?
(a) I, II and III (b) I and II
(c) II and III (d) Only I
18. Which of the following statements are
correct regarding common differences
between plant and animal cells?
I. Plant cells have cellulose cell wall,
while animal cells lack it.
II. Plant cells lack plasma membrane,
while animal cells have it.
III. Mature plant cell have a large vacuole,
while animal cells have numerous
small vacuoles. [IAS (Pre) 2020]
(a) I and II (b) II and III
(c) I and III (d) I, II and III
19. A plant cell differ from animal in having
[SSC 2003]
(a) chloroplast (b) cell wall
(c) cell membrane (d) nucleus
20. The only living component of a cell
wall is
(a) middle lamellae
(b) pit pair
(c) secondary cell wall
(d) plasmodesmata
21. Cell wall
(a) provides mechanical support.
(b) acts as barrier to pathogens.
(c) maintains the shape of plant.
(d) All of the above
22. The innermost portion of a mature
plant cell wall is the
(a) primary cell wall
(b) plasma membrane
(c) secondary cell wall
(d) plasmodesmata
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