Order Cervical intraepithelial Neoplasia

Order Cervical intraepithelial Neoplasia
1. Screening for cervical cancer:
A. Ts not performed during n1enstrual
8. Is not performed d uring p1·egnancy.
C. Is perforn1ed in the presence of an
ulcer on the cervix.
D. Requires fixing of the slides in 95’Yo
E. Requires obtaining a smear from the
squamocolumnar junction
2. Which of the following are screening
guidelines for cervical intraepithelial
A. CervicaJ cytology and HPV testing
should be performed every 5 years in
women between the ages of 30 and 6.’5.
8. Cervical cytology should be performed
every 3 years in women between the
ages of 21- 29.
Order Cervical lntraepithelial Neoplasia
C. Colposcopy is perforn1~'<l once a year
in ,vomen with HIV inf~’Ction.
D. Screeningisconm1encedata lugherage
in countri~’S where sexual intercourse
commences later.
E. Women wh o h ave had the HPV vaccine
should not follow the scr~-ening progran1.
Ref for questions 1-2:
• New Scrrening Guideline-s for CeroicaJ Caucer,
Article dute: Mardi 1,t, 20’/2, By Stacy Simon.
• SBA Questions in Gynaecology, chapter 7,
page 72.
3. Furthermanagementofa cervicalcytology
resu_lt of aty pical squamous cells of
unknown significance requires:
A. Colposcopy if HPV DNA is positive.
B. Cryotherapy.
C. Performing cytology and HPV DNA
testing in I year if the initial HPV test
is negative.
D. Testing for high-risk hun1an papillo1na
virus types as the first step in the
E. Visual inspection with ascetic acid.
4. Colposcopy is recommended for women
A. A high grade squamous intraep ithelial
B. A lo,v grade squamous intraepithelial
C. An ectropion.
D. Atypical glandular cells.
E. Atypical squamous cells of unknown
5. Colposcopy is reconm\ended for a woman
A. A cervical polyp.
B. An ulcerative lesion on the cervix.
C. Atypical squan1ous cells of unknown
significance who are HPVDNA positive.
D. Atypical squarnou~ cell~ cannot exclude
high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia.
E. Post-coital bleeding.
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