Order Cognition and Language Assignment

Order Cognition and Language Assignment
Order Cognition and Language Assignment
1. When Ryan asked his 20 classmates the first thing that came to mind
when he said “house pet,” 15 of his classmates said “dog.” What kind
of mental model is “dog” in this case?
(A) An image
(B) A prototype
(C) A concept
(D) A mental representation
(E) An experience
2. In the process of cognition, humans mentally categorize objects, people,
and life events. What is this categorization called?
(A) Mental representations
(B) Mental images
(C) Concepts
(D) Prototypes
(E) Sensory clues
173. Julian’s physician gave him the treatment outcome data of two courses
of treatment to choose from to combat acne. One set of outcome data
describes success rates, while the other describes failure rates. What is likely
to inform Julian’s decision-making process?
(A) Mental images
(B) Mental representations
(C) Framing
(D) Prototypes
(E) Compensatory model
174. What is the disadvantage to using heuristics when problem solving?
(A) Mistakes may be made due to the simplification of the problem.
(B) Making the decision may be a long, drawn-out problem.
(C) Mistakes may be made due to the overanalysis of the problem.
(D) Using heuristics may be influenced by personal background.
(E) Mistakes may be made by building subgoals.
175. Which of the following is NOT a problem-solving strategy?
(A) Trial and error
(B) Information retrieval
(C) Algorithms
(D) Fixedness
(E) Working backward
Cognition and Language ❮ 45
6. Which of the following is NOT a barrier to problem solving?
(A) Mental sets
(B) Functional fixedness
(C) Assumptions
(D) Expertise
(E) Motivation
7. To determine if she should increase her exercise to increase her energy,
Jen counted in her head how many days in the last month she had
high energy and if those days were associated with exercise.
Which judgment-related strategy did Jen use?
(A) Representative heuristics
(B) Availability heuristics
(C) Confirmation bias
(D) Framing
(E) Frequency
178. Which problem-solving strategy could someone use to calculate
the number of possible outcomes of rolling five die?
(A) Trial and error
(B) Working backward
(C) Subgoal
(D) Algorithm
(E) Information retrieval
9. After having a snow-related car accident, Carlos decided the accident
was inevitable because of his decision to drive in the snow. Which type
of decision-making thinking is Carlos experiencing?
(A) Confirmation bias
(B) Overconfidence effect
(C) Minimizing risk
(D) Risky thinking
(E) Hindsight bias
180. In cognition a(n) is an example of a concept.
(A) idea
(B) schema
(C) mental representation
(D) prototype
(E) none of the above
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