Order Colonial Africa Discussion Questions

Order Colonial Africa Discussion Questions
Order Colonial Africa Discussion Questions
1. The Kingdom of Benin (in present-day Nigeria) is famous culturally
for its
(A) epic oral poetry
(B) brass plaques
(C) terra cotta sculptures
(D) wood fetish figures
(E) brass gold weights
2. All of the following were effects of the transatlantic slave trade on
African societies EXCEPT
(A) the collapse of all strong African kingdoms
(B) the flooding of Africa with guns and an escalation of violence
(C) an increase in polygamy
(D) a legacy of racial prejudice
(E) a decline in the economy of western Africa
3. The Zulu chief of the early 1800s who organized a huge army and
dominated a large portion of southern Africa was
(A) Dinuzulu
(B) Shaka
(C) Cetshwayo
(D) Mpande
(E) Dingane
90 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 World History Questions, Volume 2
334. The king of Kongo in the 16th century who established Catholicism in the
country and wrote a long series of letters to the kings of Portugal was
(A) Manuel I
(B) João I
(C) Mpanzu a Nzinga
(D) Afonso I
(E) Henrique Kinu a Mvemba
335. Which of the following statements is true regarding Islam in eastern
(A) Eastern African societies tended to offer greater gender equality than
traditional Islamic societies.
(B) In the 1600s, the lower classes were more eager to convert to Islam
than the elite were.
(C) East African contact with Islam was generated by the transatlantic
(D) African rulers feared that conversion to Islam would undermine their
(E) Women who converted to Islam in eastern Africa generally
abandoned tribal beliefs for traditional Islamic practices.
336. The famous trickster figure who features widely in tales in western Africa
and the Caribbean is
(A) Iktomi the raven
(B) Mica the coyote
(C) Reynard the fox
(D) Br’er Rabbit
(E) Anansi the spider
337. The Great Trek
(A) describes the movement of more than 200,000 Boers to the north
(B) took place from 1885 to 1893
(C) defeated powerful African kingdoms through the skilled use of horses,
guns, and defensive laagers
(D) was motivated by the discovery of diamonds and gold in northern
South Africa
(E) led to the creation of the Cape Colony
Colonial Africa ❮ 91
338. Western African societies in 1500
(A) lacked any national states with governments and laws
(B) were isolated from the rest of the world
(C) exported iron products in exchange for cheap European cloth
(D) refused to participate in the slave trade
(E) viewed the Portuguese as just another trading partner
339. All of the following are true about the Kingdom of Dahomey EXCEPT
(A) the abolition of slavery led to increased prosperity
(B) it reached the high point of its power and fame under Gezu
(C) it was organized for war
(D) it was a form of absolute monarchy almost unique in Africa
(E) it eventually became part of French West Africa
340. The Islamic scholar and preacher Usman dan Fodio is associated with
the present-day nation of
(A) Mauritania
(B) Nigeria
(C) Algeria
(D) Ethiopia
(E) Kenya
341. The Suez Canal was completed in
(A) 1829
(B) 1849
(C) 1869
(D) 1889
(E) 1909
342. All of the following were negative effects of the colonial economy on
African women EXCEPT that
(A) women lost access and control of a large percentage of fertile land
(B) migrant work for males removed them from their traditional labor
responsibilities and led to a drop in cultivated acreage
(C) the cash economy favored the work of men over women
(D) male migration for economic reasons severely damaged the African
(E) underpaid and mistreated women became the majority of workers
on export-oriented plantations
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