Order Common Stock and Preferred Stock

Order Common Stock and Preferred Stock
Order Common Stock and Preferred Stock
1. The book value of common stock is the same as
(A) par value
(B) liquidation value
(C) net worth
net tangible asset value per share
2. At the company’s shareholder meeting, five positions are up for election
to the board of directors. Jason Smart owns 200 shares, and voting is on
a cumulative basis.\ Which of the following are acceptable ways for Jason
to vote: –
I. 200 votes for each of the five candidates
II. 1,000 votes for one candidate
III. 600 votes for one candidate and 100 votes for each of the other
four candidates
IV. 1,000 votes for each candidate
(A) I, Il, and IV “me vote Pv aon
(B) J only lrpired ob nur bry @
(CK, I, and IV wy ke a one
@) I, Il, and III yacan
3. ABC Corporation issues new shares to its existing shareholders through
a rights offering. The stock is offered to its existing shareholders at $20
per share and eight rights. The market price of ABC stock is $26 per
share. What is the value of a cum-right?
@) $0.67 Mavktr eric e of Stock —
(B) $0.75 Pisemnt 26-40
GC} $lige 7 ee
5 $1.50 humbe © of wit ny fe €ace Shee
Order Common Stock and Preferred Stock
2 McGraw-Hill’s 500 Series 7 Exam Questions to Know by Test Day
. Four directors are to be elected under the statutory method. Ifa
shareholder owns 100 shares, how would he or she cast these votes?
I. 400 votes for one director
Il. 100 votes for each director
III. 300 votes for one director and 100 votes for one director
(A) LIL and UI
(B) Land III
(CQ) Il only
(D) Land II
. WAZ Corporation’s stock trades ex-dividend on Tuesday, April 8. Ifa
shareholder would like to receive the dividend, on which day should the
investor purchase the stock? ml namie
Vw k (A) Friday, April 4 (Cae vefare

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