Order Continent and Countries Essay

Order Continent and Countries Essay
Order Continent and Countries Essay
1. Which among the following is the
world’s biggest continent? [RRB 2003]
(a) South America (b) Africa
(c) Asia (d) Europe
2. Which of the following continents has
all types of climatic zones?
[UPPSC 2016]
(a) South America (b) North America
(c) Australia (d) Asia
3. The biggest river of Asia is
[UPPSC 2016]
(a) Indus (b) Brahmaputra
(c) Yangtze (d) Hwang Ho
4. The largest Island of Asia is
[RRB 2006]
(a) Indonesia (b) Borneo
(c) Sri Lanka (d) Myanmar
5. The geographical area of Asia is
[RRB 2002]
(a) 60 million km2
(b) 65 million km2
(c) 50 million km2
(d) 44 million km2
Order Continent and Countries Essay
6. The biggest country of the world in
geographical extent is [RRB 2005]
(a) United States of America
(b) China
(c) Australia
(d) Russia
7. The largest country in the world is
[UPPSC 1996]
(a) Brazil (b) Australia
(c) China (d) USA
8. Give the correct order of cities from
North to South.
(a) Fushun,Tianjing, Wuhan, Shanghai
(b) Fushun,Tianjing, Shanghai, Wuhan
(c) Tianjing, Shanghai, Fushun, Wuhan
(d) Wuhan, Tianjing, Shanghai, Fushun
9. In which of the following types of soils,
we find tea plantations in India, China
and Sri Lanka?
(a) Acidic (b) Alkaline
(c) Laterite (d) Podzols
10. South-East Asia has captivated the
attention of global community over
space and time as a geostrategically
significant region. Which among the
following is the most convincing
explanation for this global perspective?
[IAS (Pre) 2011]
(a) It was the hot theatre during the
Second World War.
(b) Its location between the Asian
powers of China and India.
(c) Its was the arena of superpower
confrontation during the Cold War
(d) Its location between the Pacific and
Indian oceans and its pre-eminent
maritime character.
Order Continent and Countries Essay
11. Dasht-e Lut is situated in
[UPPSC 2015]
(a) Iran (b) Libya
(c) Kenya (d) Nigeria
12. Mekong, one of the biggest river of Asia
doesn’t flow through [IAS (Pre) 2004]
(a) China (b) Malaysia
(c) Cambodia (d) Laos
13. The country among the following,
doesn’t touch borders with any sea or
ocean is
(a) Armenia (b) Turkey
(c) Russia (d) Iran
14. Which among the following is known as
Land of Morning Calm? [UPPSC 2015]
(a) Philippines (b) Japan
(c) Taiwan (d) Korea
15. Which of the following is known as
‘Mistress of Eastern Sea’? [BPSC 1994]
(a) Sri Lanka (b) Pakistan
(c) Myanmar (d) India
17. World’s longest sea bridge has been
built on
(a) East China Sea (b) Gulf of Tonkin
(c) Jiaozhon Bay (d) South China Sea
18. Kandhar is located in [RAS/RTS 2000]
(a) Southern Afghanistan
(b) Northern Afghanistan
(c) Eastern Iraq
(d) Western Pakistan
19. Which country has the highest
percentage of its geographical area
under the forest? [UP UDA/LDA 2010]
(a) China (b) India
(c) Indonesia (d) Japan
20. Which among the following is the
largest Island of Japan? [BPSC 2020]
(a) Honshu (b) Hokkaido
(c) Shikeku (d) Kyushu
21. Which one of the following countries is
the largest country without borders in
terms of geographical area?
[BPSC 2015]
(a) New Zealand (b) Philippines
(c) Japan (d) Cuba
22. Which of the following represents the
correct North to South sequence of
following four Islands of Japan?
[UPRO/ARO 2017]
(a) Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku
(b) Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu, Kyushu
(c) Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
(d) Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku
23. Shintoism, is a form of religion is
followed by the people of [RRB 2001]
(a) Japan
(b) China
(c) Mongolia
(d) None of the above
24. Which country is also known as the
‘Land of Rising Sun’? [RRB 2006]
(a) Japan (b) South Korea
(c) North Korea (d) New Zealand
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