Order Data base Fundamental

Order Data base Fundamental
Databases store, organize, collect, and retrieve data, and, given the amount of data some databases store, how they’re built can seem disjointed and confusing. To overcome these obstacles and make databases useful, computer scientists developed complex algorithms and database designs to create efficient and accessible databases. Relational databases are an example of this type of solution. They store data in tables that are related by different unique keys so that relevant data is stored together, but different data combinations can still be retrieved using the unique identifying keys.
In this assignment, you will explore these topics by creating a simple query to retrieve data, normalize a sample database, and design an entity relationship diagram (ERD).
Part 1 – Retrieve Data From a Database
Consider the following sample database.
ERD diagram
Figure 1: ERD for Library Database
Given the following sample data, you will see that certain tables are linked via primary and foreign keys (e.g., Client and Borrower: ClientId is on both tables).
Order Data base Fundamental
Write the following SQL statements to retrieve data:
· Select all borrowers
· Select all books borrowed by borrowers, order by borrow date
· Select all books and include the author first and last name
· Insert a new client with an occupation of pilot
Note that your queries will not return data, unless you would like to create and set up a functioning database. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure you are able to write fully-formed and appropriate SQL statements.
Part Two – Database Normalization
Write a brief 500 to 750 word essay that evaluates the miniature database below. Currently, the database is not in third normal form (3NF). Your analysis should identify the dependencies that exist in the current database setup and explain the steps needed to transform it to third normal form.
Miniature Database
Following is the table structure for the tables in the current database.
Table Structure for Produce

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