Order Data Structures Assignment

Order Data Structures Assignment
Each week you are required to actively participate in the Student Topics and Questions area of the Discussion Forum by midnight Saturday. This can be:
Introducing at least one additional conversation related to this week’s learning outcomes. This can be a comment about this week’s topics or a question you have.
Responding to questions posted by your classmates in the Week 2 Forum, if you know the answer.
Posting a meaningful reply within a conversation thread started by another student.
Replies must go beyond “good post” or “I agree”. Your reply must add something substantive to the conversation.
Discussion Question
Question 1:
By midnight Thursday, post an answer to the following discussion question:
Describe some data that is best stored in an ArrayList and by whom.
Give an example of the ArrayList declaration and instantiation for your example
Show the code to store at least one value into your ArrayList.
NOTE: Your example must be unique (different from any other example presented).
Post your answer to the Week 2 Forum under the Discussion Question 1 topic.
Question 2:
By midnight Thursday, post an answer to the following discussion question:
Present an example of using the binary search algorithm with an array.
Start by showing an example sorted list of at least 13 and no more than 20 items. The items in the list can be of type double or String(your choice), but not type integer.
Be sure to show both the indexes and the values stored at each index.
For example:
[0] 3.5 [1] 4.6
٢٢ /١١ /٢٠١٧ Week 2: Forum Assignments
https://worldclass.regis.edu/content/enforced/211365-CU_CS310-CLASS_C70_17F8W2/assignments/ForumAssns/week2_forum.html?ou=211365 2/2
State the value of the target item you will be searching for.
List the values of the low, high and middle indexes for each pass, until the algorithm completes (Note: In your example, the target should not be found on the first pass — so you must implement at least 2 passes)
State the value passed back to the calling method, and how many passes were required to find the target (or how many passes were required to discover that the target was not in the list).
Post your answer to the Week 2 Forum under the Discussion Question 2 topic.
NOTE: Your discussion question examples must be unique from any example presented in the course content or readings, and also must not have been posted by another student.
Weekly Feedback
By midnight Sunday, you must write a Weekly Feedback Summary that includes answers to the following:
What did you find most affirming and helpful this week?
What did you find most puzzling or confusing this week?
What about the class this week surprised you the most? (This could be something about your own reactions to what went on, or something that someone did, or anything else that occurs to you.)
Anything else that you might like to add about this week.
Post your feedback to the the Week 2 Forum under the Weekly Feedback topic.
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