Order Defense Mechanism Of Displacement

Order Defense Mechanism Of Displacement
Order Defense Mechanism Of Displacement
Which of the following best exemplifies a client’s use
of the defense mechanism of displacement? Select all
that apply.
1. A student nurse fails a dosage calculation test then
arbitrarily picks a fight with a roommate.
2. An adolescent who feels angry and hostile toward
others decides to become a therapist.
3. A woman is unhappy about being a mother, although others know her as an attentive parent.
4. A client is drinking 6 to 8 beers a day while still attending Alcoholics Anonymous as a group leader.
5. After a heated argument with his wife, a husband
berates a restaurant waiter for slow service.
6. A nursing instructor is teaching about ego defense
mechanisms. Which student statement indicates a
need for further instruction?
1. “Defense mechanisms are used during periods of
increased anxiety and when the strength of the ego
is tested.”
2. “All individuals who use defense mechanisms to
adapt to stress exhibit healthy egos.”
3. “At times of mild to moderate anxiety, defense
mechanisms can be used adaptively to deal
with stress.”
4. “Some ego defenses are more adaptive than others,
but all are used either consciously or unconsciously
for ego protection.”
7. Clearly depressed about a transfer to Hawaii because
of the high cost of living, an Air Force major does research and convinces his family of the great surfing
Hawaii offers. A nurse would recognize that the major
is using which defense mechanism?
1. Intellectualization
2. Denial
3. Rationalization
4. Suppression
8. Which of the following situations exemplify the use of
the ego defense mechanism of compensation? Select
all that apply.
1. With a flat affect and displaying no emotion, a
daughter describes her mother’s recent suicide.
2. Failing the college entrance examination due to an
inability to comprehend math, the student embarks
on a master gardener certification.
3. A woman recently disbarred from the legal profession takes to her bed and finds comfort in sucking
her thumb.
4. A teacher’s aide is reprimanded during school then
later criticizes the librarian for a lack of reading
5. A woman who is unable to bear children applies as
a foster parent through the department of social
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