Order Democracy and human rights

Order Democracy and human rights
1. According to the lecture, during the 1994, Rwandan genocide, which nation appeared to have aided the genocide? How many people were killed during the genocide?
a. The U.S.A.
b. U.K.
c. North Korea
d. Russia
e. 1) 800, 2) 8,000, 3) 80,000, or 4) 800,000
The Nigerian marketplace
2. What is one of the significant functions of the Nigerian market in the light of promoting prosperity?
a. International investments
b. Foreign aid
c. Business opportunities for local people
d. Building a modern shopping malls
Spanish Bullfight
3. What are two main differences between Spanish Bullfight and Portuguese Bullfight?
Kid Crosby or Golden Boy: Sidney Crosby, Canadian national identity, and the politics of hockey masculinity
4. According to the lecture why is Sidney Crosby considered to be a Canadian national symbol?
a. Because he is White
b. Because he is straight
c. Because he is from the working class
d. Because he is male.
e. All of the above
Non-western sexuality comes to the U.S.: A crash course for Manga and Anime for Sexologists.
5. What makes Japanese Manga sexuality Non-western?
a. The technique of Manga drawing
b. The way the Manga depicts female sexualities
c. The way the sexuality is rooted in religious traditions
d. There are no cultural difference between the West and Japan.
e. Both b.

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