Order Diseases of the Skin Discussion

Order Diseases of the Skin Discussion
Order Diseases of the Skin Discussion
1223. Koebner’s phenomenon (lesions at the site of trauma)is typically seen in A. psoriasis
B. eczema
C. hypersensitivity reactions D. hyperkeratosis
E. toxic erythemas
1224. Kaposi’s sarcoma often manifests as A. multiple blue dermal plaques
B. melanotic nodules C. eczema
D. maculopapular rash
E. serum-filled bullae 1225. Psoriasis may present all of the following clinical manifestations EXCEPT
A. sharp demarcation of lesions at the hairline B. progression of lesions unless therapy is applied C. drop-shaped lesions D. extensive large plaques
E. pitting of the nails
366 / Diseases of the Skin
1226. Which of the following does NOT occur in dermatomyositis?
A. Discoloration of the upper eyelids B. Loss of pigmentation
C. Sensitivity to light D. Calcification of subcutaneous tissue E. Dermatitis herpetiformis
1227. The best treatment of atopic dermatitis includes A. psychoanalysis
B. warm clothing C. dry environment
D. a change of environment
E. vigorous exercise
1228. Keratoacanthoma is best characterized by
A. slow growth
B. slow involution C. usual occurrence on the trunk D. a malignant potential
E. a dark-brown color
1229. Of the following, the area least likely to become involved with
psoriasis is the A. elbows
B. knees
C. antecubital fossa D. scalp
E. back
1230. The most likely area to become involved with atopic dermatitis is the A. antecubital fossa
B. scalp C. back
D. elbows
E. face
1231. Patients with acanthosis nigricans should be studied for A. a visceral carcinoma
B. lymphoma
C. diabetes mellitus D. sarcoidosis
E. an allergy
Diseases of the Skin / 3671232. Treatment of acute contact dermatitis during the bullous,oozing stage should include A. bland compresses and baths
B. corticosteroid ointments
C. topical anesthetics
I), systemic antibiotics
K. antihistamines
1233. Characteristic of ringworm fungi as compared with otherfungi is their A. abilit) to digest and hydrolyze keratin
B. high degree of contagiousness
C. ability to invade the dermis
I), sensitivity to pencillin
E. ability to spread to other organs
1234. Atopic skin-sensitizing activit) is carried In A. IgA
B. IgG
C. IgE
I). IgD
K. IgM
1235. Verrucae (warts) A. are viral in etiology
B. may be premalignant lesions C. are found mainly in patients with a lymphoma
I). are contagious in children only
E. may be treated with griseofulvin
1236. Raynaud’s phenomenon may be characterized b\ A. hypersensitivity to heat
B. predominance in females
C. as\mmetry
I), failure to recur
E. irreversibility of cyanosis
368 / Diseases of the Skin
1237. For skin disease to be considered occupational, the history should reveal all of the following EXCEPT
A. other workmen affected
B. no dermatitis preceding occupation
C. worsening eruption during weekend
D. list of chemicals contacted
E. reappearance on return to work
1238. Following the appearance of the primary chancre, the serologic test for syphilis may remain negative for a period not longer than
A. one week
B. two weeks
C. one month
D. three months
E. six months
1239. Skin manifestations associated with chronic ulcerative colitis include all of the following EXCEPT
A. maculopapular eruptions
B. erythema nodosum
C. pyoderma gangrenosum
D. erythema multiforme
E. necrobiosis lipoidica
1240. Mycosis fungoides is best described as a A. fungal infection of the epidermis
B. benign skin lesion C. cutaneous lymphoma
D. dermatitis
E. form of eczema
1241. Rhinophyma is a complication of A. acne vulgaris
B. pemphigus
C. acne rosacea D. psoriasis E. seborrheic dermatitis
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