Order Dismantle Formwork For Footings Assignment

Order Dismantle Formwork For Footings Assignment
What is the name of the Australian Standard relevant to formwork construction?
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Refer to the SDS and TDA for Fosroc Form Release Agent, to complete questions 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 11.
SDS: http://www.parchem.com.au/public/pdfs/data-sheets/Form-Release-Agent-SDS.pdf
How is the product applied?
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Describe the first aid measures if your skin gets in contact with the product.
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How should large spills be cleaned?
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What are the product storage requirements?
Order Dismantle Formwork For Footings Assignment
List 5 hazards associated with the erection, alteration and/or dismantling of formwork on ground.
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List the PPE to be worn when handling the product
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A residential site has been cleared and construction works are about to commence. What safety signage should be placed at the entrance to the site? Provide an example of each of the different categories of safety signage.
Building setout at property
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Category of safety signage
Mandatory signs
Prohibition signs
Warning signs
Danger signs
What are the pre-operational checks you should conduct prior to using a circular saw? Outline 6.
Order Dismantle Formwork For Footings Assignment
You are setting up the formwork for a 3 m x 2 m driveway. You are using 100 mm x 50 mm timbers for the formwork side rails and are driving wooden stakes at no more than 1.2 m apart. You will place extra stakes at every joint in the rails and at corners. The timber comes in 3.6 m lengths.
Calculate how many lengths of timber and how many wooden stakes you will need.
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What is the application rate for a porous form surface?
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You are directing a crane operator to unload formwork components and timber stacks. How would you tell the crane operator to hoist the load? Draw the signal you would use.
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Provide 5 examples of release agents.
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List 7 termite resistant materials.
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Formwork components and forms are usually designed for re-use, either on the same project or on others. How can you contribute to the economic operation of the job? Give 4 examples.
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List 8 materials/products in building and construction which have the potential to pollute stormwater systems.
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What details should be included in formwork drawings? List 5.
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What is formwork? Explain its purpose.
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What materials are used in formwork construction? Give 7 examples.
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Briefly describe the process to erect, strip, clean and stack simple formwork for a small garden shed concrete slab.
Order Dismantle Formwork For Footings Assignment
Clean and stack
Place the following steps in the correct order to build formwork for a slab.
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Drive pegs into ground
Install braces
Mark height on pegs
Nail form boards to pegs
Trim pegs to height
What is block-outs?
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Why are release agents applied to the surface of formwork? Provide 4 reasons.
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What is the order of for removing formwork? List 3 steps in the correct order.
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Outline 4 important factors to consider when storing forms, to ensure they can be reused on another project.
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What are the specific care requirements for steel formwork components?
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Detail 5 tasks that must be completed before leaving the site at the end of the day.
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Provide 3 control measures to minimise the generation of contaminated stormwater.
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Confirming the scope of works to be carried out is an essential requirement before commencing any project. Where could you find relevant instructions and information regarding work information? List 10 sources.

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