Order Drug Therapy and Poisoning Discussion

Order Drug Therapy and Poisoning Discussion
Order Drug Therapy and Poisoning Discussion
Question 1
How should the body surface area be calculated when giving drugs for
which doses are given per square metre of body surface area?
Question 2
Where can I find a reference table that shows drugs that can safely be
prescribed and avoided during pregnancy and during lactation? Might
this be included in the next edition of Kumar and Clark’s Clinical
Question 3
Where might I find a reference table showing paediatric drug doses?
Question 4
My question is concerned with the practical use of steroids. In
inflammatory bowel disease, what doses are used and when is the dose
Question 5
What is the safe dosage/length of treatment for the drug dexmethasone
so that its destructive effects are avoided?
Question 6
1. Please explain ‘odds ratio’ and ‘risk ratio’.
2. What is meant by saying that diabetics have a 3.3 risk ratio of
developing dementia?
Question 7
I’m a medical student from the Faculty of Medicine, Peradeniya, Sri
Lanka. I have a question about the management of aspirin poisoning. Is it
reasonable to carry out a postalkaline diuresis in these patients?
Question 8
What is meant by intermediate syndrome in organophosphorus
Question 9
Order Drug Therapy and Poisoning Discussion
What are the pulmonary manifestations of Pink’s disease and how
common are they relative to the usual cerebral, skin and renal
Question 10
Is it necessary to administer antivenom to a person bitten by a snake
6 hours previously, presenting only with local leg swelling over the bitten
site and so far no other systemic feature of poisoning?
Question 11
What is the ideal management for scorpion bite?
Question 12
In acute anaphylaxis, you recommend IM adrenaline (epinephrine).
Surely in such an acute situation intravenous adrenaline would
be better?
Question 13
Why should patients avoid grapefruit juice if they are taking
Question 14
Many older drug therapies, e.g. penicillin in streptococcal sore throat,
have never been submitted to rigorous trials such as a randomized
controlled trial (RCT). Do you think they should be?
Question 15
Please explain why some drugs are teratogenic in the first trimester and
some in the second?
Question 16
What is the difference between compliance and concordance?
Question 17
The rates of paracetamol (acetaminophen) self-poisoning have decreased
in the UK. Why is this?
Question 18
Is N-acetylcysteine of any use in a case of paracetamol overdosage taken
16 hours previously?
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