Order Endocrine Pharmacology Essay

Order Endocrine Pharmacology Essay
Order Endocrine Pharmacology Essay
1. The concurrent administration of phenobarbitone increases the
‘ dose of warfarin required for effective anticoagulant therapy
_ because:
( ih A phenobarbitone displaces warfarin from albumin binding
nd sites thus increasing the rate of elimination of warfarin
B. phenobarbitone forms an inactive complex with warfarin
.C) phenobarbitone induces liver microsomal oxidase, thus
~ increasing the rate of biotransformation of warfarin
D__phenobarbitone diminishes the renal tubular reabsorption of
2. The likelihood of disoxbrinduced excessive cardiac excitability is
va increased by: we
A high extracellular K concentration
B low extracellular Ca* concentration
\C) low extracellular K* concentration
D high extracellular Mg** concentration
216 The oral anticoagulants (e.g. warfarin), in therapeutic doses, exert
/ _ their main action by:
A/ reducing the plasma Ca* concentration
um preventing platelet aggregation
_ preventing the action of thrombin
D inhibiting the synthesis of prothrombin through antagonism
of vitamin K
38 Endocrine pharmacology
Phytomenadione is useful therapeutically to overcome
haemorrhage due to:
A dipyridamole
B heparin
C _ streptokinase
D_ warfarin
The clinically significant anticoagulant effects of warfarin are
enhanced by phenylbutazone because:
A phenylbutazone itself has anticoagulant properties
B _ there is inhibition of liver metabolizing enzymes
C) there is competition for plasma protein binding sites
D _ there is competition for renal secretion
A __ is active in vivo only
B) inhibits the activity of thrombin
C antagonizes vitamin K
D _isactive orally
A diuretic which acts as a competitive antagonist to aldosterone:
A _ triamterene
B,__ spironolactone
C metyrapone
D amiloride
The therapeutically most important action of cardiac glycosides
prescribed for heart failure associated with normal rhythm is:
/A _ sensitization of carotid baroreceptors and increased vagal
\B ) increased force of myocardial contraction
C _ stabilization of cell membranes
D _ sensitization of cardiac cells to acetylcholine
ADH (antidiuretic hormone):
A _isreleased from the anterior pituitary gland ~ é
B__ isreleased in response to plasma hypotonicity
(C) normally influences the kidney tubule to produce hypertonic
ire alpine
D release is increased by high plasma alcohol concentration
Endocrine pharmacology 39
223 In order to test anterior pituitary function, synthesis of adrenal
corticosteroids may be blocked at the 11-deoxy stage by:
A aminoglutethimide
B cyproterone
C) metyrapone
D _ spironolactone
224 The cardiac glycosides, in toxic doses, produce ventricular ectopic
action potentials by an action on the:
A _ sinoatrial node
\ B _ atrial myocardium
C atrioventricular node
= D_ Purkinje fibres
E ventricular myocardium
225 The biguanide compound metformin:
A _ stimulates pancreatic A-cells
We stimulates pancreatic B-cells
/€ _ increases the absorption of glucose from the gut
\D promotes the uptake of glucose by muscle
E decreases the sensitivity of target tissues to insulin
226 It is used as the oestrogenic component of some combined-type
oral contraceptive tablets:
A mestranol
B norethisterone –
C oestradiol .
D oestrone ‘
E – stilboestrol227 To reduce the incidence of thromboembolism, the Committee on
Safety of Medicines has suggested that the dose of oestrogen in oral
contraceptives should be below:
500 ug
200 ug
100 ug
SOug 20ug AMDAW
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