Order English Reflection Assignment

Order English Reflection Assignment
Instructions: Please complete both Parts A and B (labeling them clearly) and write a carefully crafted response meeting the following parameters:
· Microsoft Word document (no Pages, PDF, RTF, Google Docs or other related files).
· Recommended length is approximately , 3 (three) block-formatted pages (single-space within the paragraph and double-space between) or 6 double-spaced pages total for both parts. Please submit both parts in one file.
· Incorporate at least two of the communication concepts covered in the course
· Carefully structured
· Carefully proofread
· Written with clarity and grace
· Address the parameters of the prompt.
Submissions without both parts will be considered incomplete and will not earn any credit.
Part A
After reflecting on your experience in the course this term please write a carefully formatted letter for students who will take 101 with your current instructor (Nick) and in the same format in future terms addressing the following topics:
· The most important thing(s) that you need to know about the course/assignments/readings are:
· In order to do well in the course you should…
· The most exciting/most rewarding aspect of the course…
· The most challenging/least exciting aspect of the course is…
· Any other comments you feel future students should be aware of (and of course, I hope you will take into account/reflect on the remote teaching/delivery mode).
At the end of Part A please copy and paste the following statement:
· I give permission for my comments on the areas above to be released to future students of 101 on an anonymous basis.
Part B
COM 101 is the basic survey course in the communication discipline. Having taken into consideration, the objectives of the course (please refer to the syllabus if you do not know what those are), your experience in the course, your expectations of the course and any other related information (e.g. previous courses at RU or elsewhere, if applicable), as well as the unique/first time format of the course this semester please write a carefully formatted letter addressing the following:
· What did you learn in 101?
· What were your favorite and least favorite aspects of the course and why?
· If you (yes, you) were teaching the course what would you do differently and why?
· What letter grade do you feel that you deserve and why? (Recieve a C or B)
On an optional basis, you may include what you consider to be your top three written contributions in the reflection prompts (any round). In order to be considered for possible additional XP, the contributions you have included must have been submitted within the deadline of the specific round in the correct location and via the correct hashtag. Please include your contributions in a screenshot format (versus just describing them).

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